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5 Time Saving Mobile Apps for Contractors

Time is precious for contractors, so finding small ways to save time is always beneficial. To help you make the most of your working day, we’re sharing five of our favourite mobile apps to help save you time. All apps are inexpensive, easy to use and can easily be integrated into your daily work.


As a contractor, you can often find yourself desk-hopping and keeping track of files can be a challenge. Dropbox allows you to store files across multiple devices, edits and send them easily. This makes finding your projects easy, no matter where you’re working from.


LastPass saves you time spent on searching for numerous logins on your devices. You can easily share your logins with clients and the app is handy if you find yourself working from multiple locations or from different devices often.


Wunderlist allows you to keep track of your multiple lists and projects so nothing gets forgotten. You can synch events with your calendar, making your meetings and appointments easy to manage. The app can also be synched to all of your devices meaning everything remains in one place.


Being aware of how much time is spent on various tasks can help you to streamline the working process and cut down the time wasted on the unnecessary. This app is handy if you find that a lot of your time is being wasted on certain tasks or projects.


Leaving your project management to an app means you can keep track of where you’re up to, even if you’re working for multiple clients. You can set deadlines, monitor your progress and assign importance to all of your tasks to make sure you never miss a deadline. If you’re working with others or you’ve hired a subcontractor, there’s also the opportunity to assign tasks to them. Being able to monitor where you’re up to on projects and ensure you’re always taking care of the important things can save you a lot of back-and-forth.

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