Do I Need an Accountant?

As a client of SJD Accountancy, all your company needs and personal tax affairs are covered by our complete business package for a fixed fee starting from £80 plus VAT per month. Check for more detail. This includes:

In fact, everything you need, so you will never have to worry about your tax or accountancy affairs again.

Now could you do all this yourself and save £80 plus VAT per month? The simple answer is probably ‘yes’. If you had the time, inclination and patience to learn what to do and also to keep abreast of the UK tax system, all regulations and legislative changes then you could get away with just having an accountant prepare and submit your end of year accounts.

However, the production of a financial statement purely based on invoices and receipts isn't a very satisfactory way to manage your tax affairs and it isn’t possible for an accountant to add value to your business retrospectively. Realistically, you need ongoing, proactive advice throughout the year and not just at the end when it will probably be too late to save you from an excessive tax bill. Poor tax planning (or even worse no tax planning), costs that are classed as ‘benefits in kind’, an overdrawn directors loan account and financial penalties due to late/incorrectly submitted tax submissions could all lead to financial difficulties.

To put it another way, you could learn to rewire your house, service your car or even build an extension but why would you? Wouldn’t it make far more sense to save the hassle, worry and time and hire the services of a professional?

In plain English your accountant should:

At SJD Accountancy, you will also have access to your own dedicated accountant via telephone, email and face to face meetings where necessary.

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We've been providing expert accountancy advice and helping contractors to focus on doing what they do best since 1992.

For those who would like more detail, listed below is an even more comprehensive list of what SJD will do for you.

Year-end accounts

Payroll bureau

Dividend administration

Dealing with HMRC and Companies House

Completion of VAT returns

Annual Return

Personal Taxation

Direct access to your dedicated accountant for all help and advice

Free bookkeeping software

As we said earlier you could do all this yourself but why would you?

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Appointing an accountant can save you time and stress when starting up on your own. If you would like to speak to someone about any of the above information or any other queries you may have, arrange a callback and a member of the team will be in touch.

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