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Finances can be a tricky subject when you’re self-employed. When you work for yourself, there’s more to think about than just cashing your paycheck at the end of the month. You’re in charge of your payroll, your accounts and your tax return, so it’s vital that you’re clued up. As part of the ongoing advice and support available, we are able to offer financial advice for all aspects of your lifestyle. We believe that you should be supported throughout the entirety of your career, not just at the beginning.

There’s plenty of free information available to assist you with everything from your payment options to your taxes. So whatever you need support with when it comes to your company’s finances, we’re here to help.

What is Corporation Tax? Guide to Corporate Tax UK

In our guide, we discuss some of the key points you need to know about Corporation Tax. Learn what Corporation Tax is, how it's calculated and when it's due.

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Can Contractors Claim Statutory Sick Pay? SSP for Self-Employed

As a contractor, you may have some questions about Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). In this article, we run through everything you need to know.

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How Much Tax Does a Sole Trader Pay? Sole Trader Tax UK

In our sole trader tax guide, we look at the types and amount of tax a sole trader is likely to pay, as well as other tax-related topics.

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What is the Minimum Wage? Self-Employed Guide to the Minimum Wage

In our guide we explain what both the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage mean, and why they matter for contractors and the self-employed.

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What is a P60? P60 End of Year Certificate Explained

The P60 document shows all your employment income and deductions in a particular tax year. Learn more about the P60 in our guide.

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Guide to Student Loan Repayments | Self-Employed Student Loans

Are you self-employed and wondering how to make student loan repayments? We've outlined all you need to know in our guide.

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What is Entrepreneurs' Relief? | SJD Accountancy

What is Entrepreneurs' Relief? In our guide, we explain what Entrepreneurs' Relief is, how it’s changing and the potential impact on you.

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What is Bitcoin? A Contractor's Guide to Cryptocurrency

What is bitcoin? Our guide to cryptocurrency contains everything contractors need to know about cryptocurrency and its tax implications.

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What Tax does a Contractor Pay? Guide to Contractor Taxes

As a contractor, there are a variety of taxes that apply to you. In our guide, we explore the topic of contractor tax.

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Guide to National Insurance Planning | SJD Accountancy

Being self-employed means making your own National Insurance contributions. Take a look at our guide on how to plan and budget for this.

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Financial Advice for Contractors | SJD Accountancy

In our guide, we share HMRC's stance on Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), along with some tips and advice to keep you compliant.

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Getting Paid - The Options | SJD Accountancy

As a contractor, there's different methods of payment. We've looked at umbrella companies, limited companies, sole traders and partnerships.

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Current Tax Rates | SJD Accountancy

As a contractor, tax is one of your responsibilities. We've listed the most common tax rates and allowances in the UK for 2021/22.

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Pension Auto Enrolment for Contractors | SJD Accountancy

In the UK, employers operate in an auto enrolment pension scheme. How does this affect contractors? Our guide explains how.

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Everything You Need to Know for Year-End | SJD Accountancy

Looking to better understand your finances before the financial year ends? Discover all you need to know for the tax year-end.

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How to Survive a PAYE and NIC Inspection | SJD Accountancy

No matter how prepared you are, a PAYE and NIC inspection can still catch you off guard. Find out how to best prepare with our free guide.

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Childcare for the Self-Employed | The Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

Being a contractor doesn't mean missing out on employee benefits such as childcare vouchers. Find how you can still benefit.

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A Simple Guide to Getting a Contractor Mortgage | SJD Accountancy

Getting a mortgage can be difficult when you're self-employed. Thanks to our partnership with CMME, finding a mortgage is simple.

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Contractor Mortgage Calculator Assessor | SJD Accountancy

Finding a mortgage doesn't have to be hard when you're a contractor. Our partner CMME is here to help you with the process.

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Contractor Mortgages | Contractor Mortgage Advice and FAQs

Contractor mortgages are now much easier to secure, thanks to specialist lenders. We've answered your most asked contractor mortgage FAQs.

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Personal Pension Contributions | Limited Company Pension

Contractor pensions are your responsibility as a limited company director. We discuss personal pension contributions, tax relief and more.

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Contractor Self Certified Mortgages | Mortgage Guide

Struggling to find a mortgage as a contractor? Thanks to our partnership with CMME, the process couldn't be easier. Find out more here.

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Mortgage Tips for Contractors | SJD Accountancy

Looking for a mortgage? We've put together some tips to help contractors with their search and improve their chances of success.

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What is VAT? Guide to VAT Registration UK

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)? In our guide, we discuss the basics, the process of VAT registration, and its impact on your business.

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Can Hairdressers Claim Expenses? Guide to Hairdresser Expenses

A large number of hairdressers are self-employed and this trend is growing. We've listed the types of expenses a self-employed hairdresser could incur.

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