UK Contracting

Read the news on various contractor websites and it’s clear to see how much the ‘flexible workforce’ which contractors provide has helped to support businesses during the recession – making them more agile and adaptable to market trends, and to the uncertainties of living and working through a downturn.

As the UK economy continues to grow, contractors are continuing to form a key part of that process. Contractors have a vital role to play. They provide essential skills and experience, but delivered in a flexible way which businesses can tap into when needed, while the business environment in which they are working continues to stabilise.

In fact, talk to any industry expert today and they will tell you that there are far more opportunities out there for contractors at the moment than there are for full time employees in similar roles.

But apart from all that, why else should you consider contracting? Contractors have a better quality of life than their employed counterparts, more flexibility to choose when, where and for how long they work – and critically, they are almost always better paid, with greater options around tax efficiency.

A contractor is an expert in their field, often working for many different organisations and learning something new at each step, which then provides a valuable set of additional skills and experience for the next client.

To find out more about contracting in different areas of the UK, simply select from the list below.

Contracting in Bristol | SJD Accountancy

Bristol is one of England's most historic cities, which makes it an ideal location to contract in. Read more about contracting in Bristol.

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Contracting in Glasgow | SJD Accountancy

Glasgow is one of Scotland's largest cities, and with that comes lots of opportunities to find contracting work. Find out more here.

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Contracting in Birmingham | SJD Accountancy

If you're a contractor working in Birmingham, there are lots of opportunities available. Find out what's on offer and how to find a contract.

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Contracting in Manchester | SJD Accountancy

Manchester is one of the UK's biggest and most vibrant cities. Find out more about contracting in Manchester, and what to expect.

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Contracting in Liverpool | SJD Accountancy

Liverpool is a culturally rich city, bursting with business opportunities. Learn more about its culture and the businesses based there.

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Contracting in Milton Keynes | SJD Accountancy

Milton Keynes is one of the UK's fastest-growing cities. Find out more about contracting in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

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Contracting in Cardiff | SJD Accountancy

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is one of the UK's most popular cities. There are lots of opportunities for work if you wish to contract here.

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Contracting in Edinburgh | SJD Accountancy

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a beautiful historic city. It has a lot to offer, find out more about contracting in Edinburgh.

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Contracting in Aberdeen | SJD Accountancy

We've put together some information detailing contracting opportunities and rates of pay in Aberdeen.

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Contracting in Reading | SJD Accountancy

Reading is home to some of the UK’s largest and best-known employers. Learn more about contracting in Reading.

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Contracting in London | SJD Accountancy

Moving to the UK's capital city? Find out more about finding work in the city and what to expect when contracting in London.

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